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Hiring on Magnet.me – Best practices

1. Make sure to post all relevant jobs on Magnet.me

If you don’t advertise your vacancies it’s hard to fill them ;-). On Magnet.me it’s free to post your jobs, so make sure you always have all your relevant jobs, internships, placements and events on Magnet.me.

2. Promote your job

Do you need more reach to fill your job, or want to make sure you don’t miss out on qualified candidates? The promoted job slot is your go-to product. A promoted job is pinned at the top of the jobs overview of directly the right students, is included in the jobs alert email and allows for it to be liked, which triggers automatic reminders to apply.

3. Approach people who have liked your job

Go to your Network page and just select the job you’re searching for. 

  • See who has liked your job. People who’ve liked your job are 10 times more likely to apply after your approach compared to cold outreach. Don’t hesitate to send them a message!
  • See who meets your job’s requirements (matches).

4. Reach out to multiple candidates at once with Outsourced Messaging

Through a campaign you can directly invite up to 60 of the most qualifying, interested and relevant candidates to apply to your opportunity. You can also invite students that haven’t connected with you yet. 

An invite, with a clear ‘call to action’, and automatic reminders are sent through the app and over email.

Interested in a Promoted job slot or Outsourced messaging?

Just enquire about these products from your Magnet.me homepage

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