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Post your vacancies

You can post all your vacancies on Magnet.me by clicking the red ‘Post new job’ button. In addition to posting vacancies, you can of course also post your internships and/or events such as in-house days and business courses on Magnet.me. You will see useful tips on the right side of your screen while posting your vacancies!

Tip! In a tight labor market, it is important that you as a company can demonstrate why someone should come and work for you. Keep the vacancy text short and brief and let the first part of the text clearly state what the terms of employment and the benefits of working at your company are!

Please note: you can choose to receive your applications directly via Magnet.me, or you can have the applications redirected to your own Application page, which we call Forwards.

The jobs posted on Magnet.me automatically expire after 90 days. The vacancies will then be archived. When the vacancy is about to expire, you will receive an email from us and which you can see under the relevant vacancy. If you want to extend the vacancy, you can ‘Keep it active’.Tip! Do you have a job opening that will be open for longer than 90 days? We recommend setting the deadline to a date that is at least 90 days in the future. This ensures that the job opening will not be automatically archived and will remain online until the desired time.

By using a ‘Promoted job slot’, you can bring extra attention to your job openings among job seekers. You can choose which job openings you want to promote with the Promoted job slot. You can easily do this yourself by turning on or off the slider at the bottom right of the job card. On the homepage, you will see a block ‘Boost your job openings’ next to your job openings. Here you can see exactly how many Promoted job slots you have and how many of them are currently in use.

Note: If you remove a job opening from a Promoted job slot, and the Promoted job slot is not used for another job opening, it does not mean that you have cancelled the Promoted job slot. The Promoted job slot will remain active on your account.

Job sync

To ensure that the right job openings are on your company profile, we can synchronize your job openings page on Magnet.me with your own career page. When you have turned ‘Job sync’ on, we check every two weeks which job openings are on your own career page, which are on Magnet.me and make sure they match. You can request the ‘Job sync’ from your account manager.

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