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Publishing your company page

Your company profile can be instantly activated after some requirements are met.

Before you can post your jobs, it’s important you publish your company page first. 

Follow the steps in the company page wizard

Make sure to follow the offered tips and tricks. We have based them on our many years of experience and a lot of data to ensure that you show job seekers what office life at your company really looks like. This leads to more applications – with a cultural fit! 

Bonus: the most important information (such as your photos, video and employee testimonials) will also be featured on your job pages! 

And don’t worry: you can edit everything later on and add more information as well. 

Double (!) your effectiveness with professional photos and video

As you know, on Magnet.me, you show your office life so that candidates have the best possible impression before they apply for a position. You also wouldn’t book a hotel without seeing photos first, would you? That’s why we highly recommend you go for our professional photography service if you don’t have your own high quality photos (or video). 

After publishing your page you can post all your jobs

They will instantly look great as much of the company page information will be featured on your job pages as well. 

Maximise your reach after publishing your page:

Promote your jobs

A promoted job is pinned at the top of the jobs overview of matching job seekers, is included in the jobs alert email and allows for it to be liked, which triggers automatic reminders to apply.

You can enquire about promoted jobs from your homepage.

Are you filling the same vacancy on a regular basis, or are you just aiming to hire faster with little hassle? A promoted company pool enables you to continuously and automatically grow your network with qualified people who are interested to work at your company.

You can enquire about promoted companies from your homepage.

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