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Discover the right candidates using the Profiles page

Approach job likes and manage your recruitment process on Magnet.me

Discovering the right candidates has been made easier with the Profiles page. After you have selected an opportunity, the lanes will help you control the entire recruitment process on Magnet.me. 

It starts with approaching and emptying the Likes list for each opportunity. Candidates who have liked your opportunity are 10 times more likely to apply when you send them a message compared to cold outreach. Want more likes and applications, more quickly? Find out more about Promoted jobs.

Not enough likes to approach? Check out your connections! 
Go to the Connections lane to discover more candidates that have already connected to your company and match your opportunity.

Shortlist candidates to save them for later! Want a second look or feedback from a colleague before sending someone a message? Add them to your shortlist. Need help with shortlisting the right candidates and reaching out to them with a personal message? Let us do the work by using a Message campaign.

Messaged, Applied and Archived. Candidates who have been messaged are moved to the Messaged lane. There you can find all messages awaiting reply from a job seeker. Candidates who have responded with an application are automatically moved to the Applied lane. Those who have rejected your message are moved to the Archived lane. 

Use advanced filters to set additional criteria. Next to the requirements that are already set for the opportunity, you can use advanced filtering to focus on a certain level of degree or minimum average grade.

Still have questions or simply want more information about the Profiles page? Use the red button on the right bottom corner!

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