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How to grow your network

Want to grow your network? Here are some tips.

Add a promoted company pool

A promoted company pool enables you to continuously and automatically grow your network with qualified people who are interested to work at your company. You can enquire about a talent pool from your homepage.

Make sure your opportunities and company page look great

Make sure you fully complete your company page – with excellent photos of your office life. With our professional photography (and video) your page is on average twice (!) as effective as pages without it. Check out our article on how to set this up – it’s super easy and free in combination with other purchases.

Invite job seekers to connect on Magnet.me

You can easily invite job seekers to your network on Magnet.me through our “Connect on Magnet.me” link. Why do so?

  • At Magnet.me your visitors are interested in finding out more about you as a potential employer. 
  • At Magnet.me your content does not get lost between cat videos, it’s all about careers and orientation. 

Contact your account manager for more information.

Post all your jobs on Magnet.me

Every time someone likes a job he or she is also connected to your company. Make sure to always post your opportunities on Magnet.me. You can promote them for extra reach (recommended). 

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