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Promoted company

Learn more about promoting your company and how it can help you achieving your hiring needs

Boost your brand awareness
By promoting your company among exactly the right job seekers on their homepage. Expand your reach and increase your talent pool growth, even when you don’t have any job openings.

Increase network growth

Your Magnet.me network is a pool of candidates that have interacted with your company on magnet.me. Your network allows you to source, message and invite matching and warm candidates.

There are two ways for candidates to end up in your Magnet.me network.

  • Candidate has visited your company page and clicked on ‘connect’.
  • Candidate has chosen to connect with your company after seeing the promoted company ‘card’.

Stay ahead of the game

By enabling yourself to approach a pool of warm talent when your (future) hiring need arises. Reach out to candidates in your network at any time.

Which is sent out to all matching job seekers, so that you also reach them in their email inbox. 

Are you ready to start promoting your company? Contact us by using the red button in the bottom right corner, and start today!

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