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Kick-start your network!

Grow your network and invite students to connect on Magnet.me with a button on your career site, personalised link or QR code. This way, you never lose sight of interesting students ever again. Students have a full resume on Magnet.me and can connect to your company with just one click.

Why grow your network on Magnet.me?

  • Form a durable talent pool and never lose sight of interesting students and graduates.
  • Improve the performance of your jobs, as your connections are notified when you post new relevant jobs.
  • Optimise your reach outs as connections are twice as likely to apply than those you approach cold.

We have created a page to help you increase your connections, which includes an easy-to-make button for on your career website, a personalised link, QR-code and social media and email templates that you can use to invite students and get your colleagues involved.

To have a good start with your network on Magnet.me, it is important to always:

  • Announce on social media that you can now be found on Magnet.me
  • Place a Magnet.me button on your website
  • Invite students and starters to your network on Magnet.me by email.

Tip! Get all your colleagues involved! It is useful to continue communicating regularly with students and starters in the future about connecting on Magnet.me. This way new students and starters will also end up in your network.

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