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Profiles: your likes and connections

In ‘Profiles’ you will find an overview of all job seekers who are connected to your company, your connections. In addition, under ‘Profiles’ you can easily see which job seekers have liked your vacancies, your likes. You can filter and approach job seekers under ‘Profiles’.

On your overview page, ‘Home’, on the right under ‘Employer branding’, you can easily see if you have new connections. If there are new connections that you have not yet viewed, it will be displayed in blue how many new connections you have. If you click here, you will automatically be redirected to the ‘Profiles’ page where you can see your new connections at the top.

If you hover your mouse over the blue link ‘Connection’ on the profile card of a jobseeker, a pop-up will appear and you can see since when they have been connected to your company.

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